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7 Proven Benefits of Marriage Counseling for You and Your Loved One

When is the last time you had a romantic date with your spouse? Are the pressures of parenting or careers causing your marriage to backslide into a domestic war zone? 

Fighting is one of the most common causes of divorce. Whether you’re arguing about money, kids, or cleaning, this type of fighting can hand you a one-way ticket to divorce court. 

If you want to improve your marriage, you might want to consider counseling. In this article, we’ll share the benefits of marriage counseling and help get you started. 

1. Get Past Old Arguments

One of the top benefits of seeing a therapist is having a neutral “relationship referee.” You can air your grievances and get to the bottom of destructive communication patterns. 

The great thing about a marriage counselor is that they can give you an honest appraisal of your marriage. Is your marriage in pretty good shape or does it need major work?

Before each counseling session, take a few minutes and write down your complaints. Keep track of major arguments and make a list of what you want to tell your spouse.

2. Rediscover Your Bond

A marriage counselor is like a marriage coach, helping you remember why you fell in love. They might recommend carving out time for a date night, volunteering together, or even quiet nights at home. 

The important thing about spending quality time with your spouse is to avoid talking about problems. Just take a few hours each week to have a relaxed evening. 

If there has been substance abuse or long-term infidelity, finding this quiet connection can be tough. Marriage counselors will help you rebuild trust and connection.

3. Discover What Makes You Tick

If you’re considering marriage counseling, it’s important to be prepared for the inevitable. At some point, you will be called upon to admit that you’re wrong and to evolve on a personal level. 

You may want to put 100% of the blame onto your spouse, but marriages are much more complex than that. 

What’s good about being wrong is that while you can’t always change your spouse, you can always change yourself. Commit to constructively dealing with your anger and developing new communication skills.

4. Improve Your Chances of Success

You don’t have to wait for a problem to develop in order to benefit from marriage counseling. You can get counseling before marriage to determine: 

  • Whether you’re emotionally compatible with one another
  • How you’d like to save and manage money
  • Whether you share the same ideas about raising children
  • If your relationship is on solid footing

We’ve all heard that half of all marriages end in divorce, but the divorce rate is even higher for second and third marriages. Almost 75% of third marriages end in divorce. 

If you’ve been married before, you may want to invest in couples counseling with your new spouse. Otherwise, you risk repeating the same mistakes you’ve already made. 

5. Help Heal Your Children

One of the biggest benefits of marriage counseling is the effect it has on your kids. If your children have watched you fight for years, they may be emotionally exhausted. They may feel bitter or angry and lack the vocabulary to express their feelings. 

Some signs of stress in young children include interrupted sleep, decreased appetite, and generalized anxiety. Older children may do poorly in school, have a bitter or angry demeanor, or even turn to substance abuse. 

When you undertake marriage counseling, you’re investing in your whole family’s health. You’ll be modeling better behavior and fair fighting, allowing your children to believe in your relationship again. 

6. Set New Relationship Goals

Imagine that your relationship gets back on track. What would that look like for you? Would you spend more time together at home, or would you travel? 

Would you spend more time communicating, or would you rather relax together in blissful silence? 

When you start marriage counseling, your therapist will help you reset your goals. They’ll work with you to figure out what’s stopping you from having a life that you love. 

Older couples may benefit from marriage counseling the most. After the kids grow up and move out, they need to figure out their retirement plans. 

7. Avoid—Or Embrace—Divorce

Is there really such a thing as an amicable divorce? You might go to a therapist, only to realize that there’s still ongoing infidelity. You may not be able to forgive and forget substance abuse. 

You may have gotten married too young, or stayed together for the kids’ sake. You may have the best of intentions but just aren’t up to the task of continuing in your marriage. 

The good thing about seeing a marriage counselor is that they’ll help you figure out if a divorce is the best thing to do. They will help you navigate the divorce process and make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. 

We all want to have happy marriages, but sometimes, divorce can be a cause for celebration. Take your time and reveal all your concerns to the marriage counselor. 

They want you to be happy.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling for New Parents

When is the last time you got a full night’s sleep? If you’re a new parent, it’s probably been a while. You may only see your spouse when it’s time to argue about who’s got diaper duty.

One of the benefits of marriage counseling is that it can help you get past stressful times. Having a new baby in the house makes it harder to get in quality time, and you may not realize that your relationship has spiraled downward. 

If you’re thinking that your marriage is on the rocks, don’t worry. The fact that you’re thinking about it shows that you still care. 

You chose your spouse for a good reason and we can help you strengthen that bond, developing new ways to express your love. 

Take a quick minute and give us a call or send us an email online. We’ll help you get started with an experienced marriage counselor.

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