Emotional Release

There has been numerous studies that study the physical effect of emotions on the human body. Trauma and emotions need to be dealt with so that a person is able to live in freedom or in the present moment. Being able to live in the present moment can be so life giving. Reaching this level of personal growth is often how people articulate their desired outcomes for therapy. An emotional release technique session can be very powerful modality to begin reaching your fullest potential.

– Emotional Release Treatments –

Through using this process over the past years, clients subjective reports have been very positive. Pub Med studies have discussed the emotional effects of chronic trauma on the brain and the body. The images below were captured through the electrical activity of the brain after an emotional release procedures were performed. This is a technique that over the past several years, Ryan has built from numerous resources as an eclectic approaches to help clients to optimize the therapeutic possibilities.

The red on the left illustrates a strong state of stress and tension. Often a state of being where an individual would have a difficult resting or being able to be calm. In the after image, it is clear to see that there is a change. This was not a scientific study, but experimental research only, there was no diagnosis and/or hypothesis as to the effect of an emotional research on emotions. The experimental research study may warrant the desire of clinical study  for a furture insight into a better understand of the affects. The subject reported a state of being unlike any other in quite some time. A state of clarity and happiness, a sense of peace and able to be in the present moment.



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