Couples Counseling

Sue: I have been tring to talk to you all day.

Bob: Hold on I’m not done yet, give me just a minute.

Sue:What I’m trying to say is-

Bob: See you never let me-

Sue: I have been trying to tell you all day-“

Bob: You just cut in-“

Sue: If I dont cut in….I have to say something now.

Bob: You have said enough already”

Bob and Sue had been married for 7 years, juggling kids long hours at work and the kids extracurricular activities.  They find themselves argueing more and more, spending less time together, and not enjoyong each other as they once did. Dont wait untill your marriage is in trouble and things are getting more and more difficult, schedule an appointment.

WPHC offers many different ways to approach marraige counseling. A marriage assessment is also avaliable, this can also be done online and send directly to the  office.  Marriage counseling does not always have be for those marriages that are in trouble.   Are you in need of couples counseling in Amarillo? Turn to Watson Psychological Health Center and Ryan Watson LPC.

Marriage Counseling Amarillo

Watson Psychological Health Center (WPHC) - Specializing in counseling, neurofeedback, meditation, emotional release techniques, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), dialectical therapy (stress, awareness, perspective therapy), biofeedback and heart Rate variability training in Amarillo Texas.

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