Anger Resolution Training

Awareness and perspective are key aspects of therapy at WPHC. In doing EMDR, neurofeedback, or CBT  most individuals begin to experience a shift in how they begin to see the past and experience the present. Increasing awareness, perspective, and education are the key’s to the  ART class at WPHC. The purpose is to unlock the different aspects of brain function so that the individual is not as impulsive, irritated, or disconnected. One of the areas of the brain of particular interest is the default hub and deep limbic system. Through brain mapping Ryan has been able to observe that most clients that suffer from anger or rigidity struggle with this area of brain. This is caused from the trauma that the individual has been through. This leads to sympathetic lock and break of body functions. Some observed behaviors may be:

  • moodiness, irritability, clinical depression
  • increased negative thoughts
  • decreased motivation
  • flood of negative emotions
  • appetite and sleep problems
  • libido issues
  • social isolation
  • anger issues
  • aggression

All classes are at: Watson Psychological Health Center 1901 Medi-Park Dr. Ste. 2058 Amarillo, Tx. 79106. This seminar is for those who struggle with their emotions and behaviors. This program is designed to educate participants on the differences between trauma, anger, and rage. Each are different and play an important role in undesirable behavior. Ryan been instructing this program for over 5 years in the Amarillo area and we are here to help you. Watson Psychological Health Center of Amarillo, TX is very excited to now offer this program publicly.  

The class is instructed by Ryan Watson LPC. The fee for the class is $120.00 due at registration. The class will be 8 hours in length and start at 8:30 a.m.. We will have a break for lunch and a few small breaks throughout the day. Payment can be made by PayPal, cash, or credit card.


“That was one of the best classes I have been to. I thought that it was going to be boring and he was going to try to make us mad. I got some good stuff out of that class. “–Previous Participant  

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