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The Miracle of Essential Oils was written with the intent to help you have an actual guide to begin using essential oils as a tool in your tool box. The book is over 200 pages of self help information that includes Jason's Testimony's, Brain Mapping Images, Tapping, Energy Work, Essential Oil references, and the how to.

This is a must have if you know someone that has been struggling to get their emotional needs under control and find direction for help.

The Emotional Rescue Series was created in late 2020 and recorded during the live broadcast of the webinar. The Series recording are now available for purchase.

The Series was conducted over a length of 2 weeks with 4 individual one hour long sessions. The sessions focus was on how to measure your stress. A clinical stress test was utilized on how to know when you are stressed, how to gain increased perspective and awareness of your stress level, and what you can do about your stress level.

The sessions are 79.99 for all 4 making each session just under 20.00 per session.

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