Reconnect Intensive Program

Ryan has created the Reconnect Intensive Treatment Program  for those that feel that they maybe disconnected from life due to traumatic or difficult situations. The Reconnect Intensive is designed for those that are currently stable, but have lost a sense of hope or direction in life and with to reconnect with themselves. The Reconnect Intensive is a merger of the most powerful programs that Ryan Watson has experienced through clinical practice. Ryan has been trained in therapies  such as neurofeedback, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), emotional release, patterns and reflexes, voltage, homeopathy, energetic psychology, and cognitive behavioral. Ryan brought all of these modalities together  in such a unique and powerful way, that individuals are often able to make gaines quickly and effectively.

Ryan has heard numerous people comment, “Ryan knows how to get to the bottom of the issue”, “I wish I had tried this first”, “I never thought that I could feel this good”.

In utilizing neurofeedback’s brain mapping process, you will be able to see your brains connectivity issues in the brain map, along with the clinical evaluation, this will provide the targets for your treatment plan. This help to demonstrate the modalities and therapies that will most benefit you.  This is where science meets talk therapy for optimal healing.

So if you or someone you know struggles with PTSD, sexual or physical abuse, mental health issues or other types of trauma give us a call. Dates are limited for this special program so call us for more information and pricing.

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