Marriage Intensive Program

The idea for the marraige intensive came due to the need for a faster approach to assist couples in crisis. The married intensive is designed to offer in essence a years worth of therapy in just 4 days. As the couple is working through tough times, life continues to happen. Marriage experts are now able to predict divorce with 96% accuracy, in just a 3 minute clip of a conversation. The marriage intensive is make sure that you do not develop unhealthy habits while working through difficult times. A setting to be free of distractions, to feel safe, and allow for the theraputic process to happen.

The marriage intensive program four day program with a licensed therapist, in a beautiful setting just outside of Lake Meredith. The location is ideal and absolutely incredible.

If you are finding yourself trying to deciede whether or not to stay in your marriage, consider the marriage intensive program before you decide to file for divorce.  The marriage intensive will offer more than a once a week therapy session, often times not allowing for adequate progress. The term “Reconnect Intensive” comes from the a different program that Ryan has created for those to reconnect after trauma, as PTSD is becoming a diagnosis that many are struggling with. In the mist of  difficult time in marriage, the individual may find themselves struggling with issues like rejection, abandonment, and not being good enough. The marriage intensive program will also incorporate many of the aspects from the reconnect program to help the individuals to heal, so that the marriage issues can then be dealt with from a much less prespective. This is often the unique approach that has allowed for the healing that is needed for the couple to begin to reconnect.

Before the couples comes to the falls, there are several things that will need to be done such as a marriage assessment. The marriage assessment is information that will be utilized by the therapist during the course of marriage intensive. The marriage assessment can also be used to monitor progress at six and and twelve month points after the couple has left the intensive. Once the couple has booked the marriage intensive, the packet will be mailed to them.

Once at the falls the first day will be spent working with each individual on different aspect of the autobiography that was created prior to coming to the falls. This a unique day where each person will be able to access such therapies as EMDR, Neurofeedback, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to name a few. The next several days will be 6 to 8 hours day working on the different aspects of the marriage. Some of the topics discussed will include sex, fiances, communication, trust, commitment, and power.

Here are some testomonies of the program:

“We have been married for over 29 years. Finding ourselves in a difficult situation I was ready to leave as I just did see any other way to work things out. My wife and I have worked with in our church with different ministries and couples. This program helped me to see different aspects that we needed to work on. Never have we had such an amazing break through. I would recommend this program for everyone, not just people going through tough times!”

 “I was not looking forward to what I thought would be a very long and hard 4 days of intense work. It was worth it! What we experienced was incredible. I feel like our marriage is on a path to where we can make. I am so grateful for this experience. Ryan was incredible and will always be grateful for his help.”

“I realized how the pain  I suffered as a child has caused me to push other away from me my whole life. I choose not to deal with my past. I really never thought that my past affected me in my relationships and how I keep inflicting my pain on others close to me. It was painful to uncover, but I realized that I would have to if I want to begin the healing myself and my marriage.” 

This program will provide the couple the opportunity to begin the reconciliation process. There is no other experience like it, so for more information call us today.

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